Class Descriptions

Combination Classes for Preschool Students

Several different styles of dance are offered in a nurturing environment to instill the love of dance with combination classes in Ballet/Tap/Acrobatics, Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop, or Ballet/Jazz.

Classical Ballet

Traditional and classical ballet techniques are taught with an emphasis on barre work, port de bras and progression across the floor. Basic ballet positions with proper alignment are mastered. Stresses academic technique, precise movements, flexibility, and extensions.

Contemporary Ballet and Contemporary

A combination of Classical Ballet and Modern technique which is designed for the intermediate/advanced student. Classes employ a warm-up (floor work, barre, center) and then develop the dancer in regards to musicality and dynamics using varied phrasing, jumps, and combinations from a mix of techniques.

Hip Hop

An athletic combination of fast footwork, free style dance, isolated body movements. Movement can be done to pulsating street style music, funk, or pop songs with teachers pulling from varied hip hop backgrounds.

Jazz Traditional / Broadway / Funk

Development of Jazz Technique with the emphasis on coordination, strength, control, and dynamics taught through isolations, center work, across the floor, and combinations. Includes turns, leaps, and progressions.


The Lyrics and feeling of songs are the driving force for inspiration of the movement, allowing the dancers to express life’s experiences and challenges in an emotionally intense or delicate way. It incorporates all styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz and Modern.


Modern dance is a breakaway from ballet, emphasizing use of the floor, breath, grounding, and weight of the body. With varied modern techniques, classes can incorporate angular movements, development of body awareness, contraction/release, floor work, flow, and improvisation. Class structure typically involves center work, traveling phrases, and combinations.

Musical Theater

For the novice or the experienced student, these classes promise entertaining numbers where singing, acting, and dancing talents are brought together. Dances typically include songs from Broadway shows. These classes have involvement in our annual musical performances.


Dancing on the tips of the toes requiring special shoes allowing the dancer to balance her bodyweight on a tiny flat surface. Only those who exhibit strength and mobility in the ankle and the foot can take this style. Students will go up on Pointe at the Ballet Faculty discretion. Please discuss with ballet faculty if interested.


Tap dancers wear shoes with metal plates on them, dancing with their feet to specific notes in music. With an emphasis on musicality and foot work, classes incorporate across the floor work and combinations. Students will be taught progressions of steps throughout the levels of tap.