Studio Policies

General Studio Policies

  • For safety reasons, NO STROLLERS in the LOBBY
  • All items should be stored in the cubbies (located in the studios) or in/on the bench bins & Coat Racks located in the Lobby Items left on the floor create a fire hazard & safety concern
  • MAKE-UP CLASSES: DI welcomes & encourages our students to make-up any class that they miss. However, this must be done within 30 days of their absence and within the same semester.
  • NO MAKE-UPS or WALK-INS are permitted in FULL CLASSES. Please call the office to schedule your requested class/time so that we may minimize any disappointment or inconvenience.
  • Please be reassured that all students are placed in classes according to their dance ability. We will be happy to talk with you if you have questions regarding their placement.
  • Dance Innovations’ faculty prides ourselves in addressing any concerns or questions within 24 hours. If you have a concern, & we cannot address it immediately, leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you promptly.

Ballet Attire

Acceptable Attire for Ballet Dance Class

For all students registered in Ballet Classes (3:30 pm or later)

Dress Code: Solid colored leotard and tights, Ballet skirt (optional) Dance Warm-ups may be permitted during cold weather for plies only, but must be approved by teacher beforehand. Hair: Must be pulled back away from the nape of the neck and tight to the head (i.e. bun, braid, etc.) Jewelry: Only small necklaces (i.e. tiny cross, diamond, Star of David, etc.) or small (i.e. Post) earrings. You will be asked to remove any other jewelry before taking class.

Why We Insist on Proper Ballet Attire

Wearing the proper attire for classes is important as it helps your teacher to see your alignment and thus properly correct your technique. Wearing large jewelry is both dangerous and hinders the complete line of a dancer. Flowing hair (Even one in a ponytail) prohibits the teacher from seeing the nape of your neck and whips around stinging the face of the dancer as well as those around you. For these reasons the following Ballet Dress Codes will be strictly enforced effective immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation! These rules are implemented to help you, the dancer, receive the proper training you deserve.